Morning Lesson

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I lost my mother to sickness a few years ago. What’s hard for me is not letting the most recent memories over shadow the core memories of who she really was. She loved her calling. Her passion and the years she dedicated to education still resonates with the generations of Bahamians she influenced. 




  1. What an awe inspiring drawing. The name alone says quite a bit also, as she always believed that the mornings were the best time of the day to teach any lesson. She believed in “chalk and talk”. “That’s the only [teaching method] that works!” She would say. She also loved to train and encourage those who were young in the profession. I guess that’s where I get it from. The passion, the drive, the love I have for teaching and learning. It’s just one of the many ‘gifts’ that she gave me. She was indeed one of the greatest. I love you Mummy and I miss you. May your wonderful, loving spirit continue to live on through us your children….those by birth and those who were blessed enough to be taught by you.


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